What happens in a Microblading Consultation?

So you have had your patch test, paid your deposit and today is the day your getting a new set of eyebrows! This is a very exciting day, but what happens before you actually have your microblading procedure…

The consultation stage?

This stage to me is the most important part of the whole process, getting to know a bit about you and how you want your brows to be is vital to giving you the best possible treatment. Plus, I love a natter!


Lots of the colours I have available are swatched onto your skin to show you how the colour will look up against your skin tone, hair, eyes and current brow hair (If any) this is a great way to see what works best for you and what will suit the look your going for.

Style & Design

Measuring happens at this stage to ensure your brows sit correctly on your face and can determine how thick or thin you can have your brows. I use a regular eyebrow pencil to draw a brow shape on you, which you can check and change as desired. Once your happy with colour and design this is when we can go ahead with your procedure.

This consultation would have the same structure for eyeliner and lip treatments too.