Collagen Club

Collagen Club is a subscription of collagen sachets delivered directly to your door every month

so you never run out!


A flexible online subscription you can pause, cancel or skip at anytime.


With a Collagen subscription this also entitles you to discounted products and treatments here at Sarah Catherine Cosmetics


So How Does Collagen Work?


Collagen is the one biggest issue when we age, it depletes from the age of 25 and once we start to loose collagen in our skin our skin starts to appear dull, elasticity is reduced and we start to see fine lines and wrinkles creap in


So kickstart your journey to gorgeous skin. An innovative collagen beauty supplement that includes expertley chosen ingredients to deliver proven anti-ageing benefits. Each sachet is a blend of collagen hydrolysate, wheat oil extract and lutein


Benefits include:

Helps maintain skin elasticity

Positively impacts skin radiance

Helps to keep the normal structure of the skin


Mix one stick pack into 100ml of water. Consume within a few minutes of mixing, take one daily. Can be mixed with other drinks and smoothies.