Summer Skin Prep - How To Establish a "No Makeup" Look

Want to establish a soft, natural, radiant glow in preparation for summer? Don't worry, you are in safe hands! At Sarah Catherine Cosmetics, we offer many treatments to enhance your skin to replenish a naturally defined look. Although summer may seem a way away yet, (2 months and 3 weeks, but who's counting!) many treatments are course-based meaning they take a couple of months to establish. Here are some of the following treatments that will rejuvenate your skin to give you that glow, dewy look… 

Chemical peels 

Chemical peels are a clinical exfoliation, which removes dead skin cells, boosting cell turnover and is a great treatment for achieving that fresh dewy glow. Peels stimulate collagen and improve your skin's texture and tone. They also help to tackle multiple skin concerns such as lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, large pores and sun damage. This treatment can be completed in one visit for just £90, However to maintain results, you may wish to buy a course and get one visit free…By starting this course of treatments now, you will have a beautiful glow in time for summer.


Profhilo is a groundbreaking hyaluronic acid moisturising treatment. Proven to prevent the signs of ageing & help with the anti-ageing process itself. This treatment should not be confused with dermal fillers.This injectable treatment slowly releases hyaluronic acid. A one of its kind skin remodelling system. Not only does it instantly boost skin’s hydration, texture and radiance, but it also remodels ageing & sagging tissue. Stimulating collagen, attracting water to the deeper layers of the skin. Profhilo consists of 2 treatments 28-30 days apart. Although some changes are noticed after the first treatment, best results can be seen after your second treatment. Expect the maintenance program to be every 6-9 months. You should be aware however, that if you would like this treatment in time for summer, you should begin this course sooner rather than later, as you should refrain from swimming for 48 hours and extreme temperatures for 7 days. Check out the “services” tab on my page for more info on pricing and areas of treatment.

Polynucleotide Skin Booster

Polynucleotide Skin Booster, rather than hylauronic acid found in Profhilo, contains DNA derived from salmon. This outstanding treatment can assist in preparation for pre/post surgeries medical and aesthetic. Reduce skin inflammation and youthful volume & hydration is restored. Polynucleotides initiate your body's natural fibroblast production, resulting in increased collagen & elastin. Great for scarring, signs of ageing, hyperpigmentation, deep lines & wrinkles, stretch marks and rehydration for dull skin. Like Profhilo, Polynucleotide Skin Booster treatments are to be 28-30 days apart, and some changes are noticed after the first treatment. Expect the maintenance program to be every 6-9 months. So to be sure that you are ready for summer, we would recommend beginning your course of treatments as soon as possible.

Collagen Induction Therapy

The latest technology to transform skin from dull and tired to bright and rejuvenated. Have smoother skin with reduced superficial fine lines and wrinkles. A boost of vitamins delivered to the skin for a pain free results driven facial experience. This treatment can enhance effects of other aesthetic treatments such as Botox and/or dermal fillers. Collagen Induction Therapy instantly revives and improves dull & tired skin, improving sluggish blood circulation, which will then aid in flushing out ageing toxins. You can have one session for an event for instant rejuvenation, however, a course of treatments is highly recommended for longer lasting results. Similarly, compared to chemical peels, a single treatment price is £80 or buy a course and get one visit free. For freshly maintained, long lasting results it's also recommended to start your treatment course around early spring time to be ready and fresh for summer. 

Unsure which treatment is right for you, book in for a skincare consultation and we can help you start your skin journey for summer