How ‘semi’ is Semi Permanent makeup?

Conventional Tattoos fade after a couple of years, but what about Semi Permanent makeup? You chose this procedure because you wanted a long lasting solution, but what does this really mean?

So, the big question is, how ‘semi,’ is Semi Permanent makeup?

Once the procedure is done, whether it’s Microblading, or semi permanent lip blush, the pigment will be very intense. The skin is also sensitive and a little swollen, so blood is also flooding the area, further intensifiying the colour. Once everything has settled and your recovery period is over, you should experience a softer, more natural finish.

Most treatments will require a second treatment, to consolidate the chosen colour, to build upon the first experience and solidify the selected shade, but from the first treatment you will experience a little fading. At this stage, it’s because the treatment isn’t complete.

Once your treatment is 100% complete you should experience a quality pigment for around 12 months.

Of course, if you are constantly and vigorously wiping, brushing or cleaning the area in question on a frequent basis you may experience more fading. The same applies with excessive sun exposure. Be gentle with your eyebrow brushes, be careful when washing your face or wiping your lips. You don’t have to avoid the areas altogether, that would be impossible(!), but appreciate that your skin evolves and each time you go over the area, you’re wearing it away.

I recommend having a top up ‘colour boost,’ treatment, this is to ensure that the colour is as it should be year on year. It may be an annual checkup, but it’s better and considerably less time spent on maintenance than before!

Plus, this is a judgement call. You may be happy with the pigment, you may like the slightly more subtle, natural tone, if that’s the case then stay as you are! This decision is all yours.

I specialise in natural finishes, so the key is to look your natural best 365. If you want a deeper thicker brow for a night out, then you may have to add pencil to achieve that more dramatic look, same with lip blush.

The Semi in Semi Permament means that it will not be there forever and you will have to maintain it. But, you won’t have to deal with it every day and if you take care of it, it can last you years!

Find a technician you love, to help you take care of your treatment plan, it’s a long term relationship.