Everything you need to know about Microblading

I’ve heard about Microblading, I’m curious.

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup solution for great looking eyebrows. If you’re unhappy with their shape, have thin or missing brow hair or if you just want consistently fabulous looking brows with minimum maintenance, then microblading may be the solution for you.

What is it, how does it work?

Tiny incisions are drawn along the surface of the skin and filled with a pigment to emulate the appearance of individual hairs. This means fantastic flexibility in terms of shape, density and colour.

Yes! You’ve got my attention, I want to know more…

Then we should arrange a consultation. If you have anything particular in mind, we will discuss this at your appointment. But please be aware, not all shapes suit everyone. Brows are very individual, and we won’t create brows that aren’t beautiful and natural looking, they must compliment the shape, size and features of your face. We will discuss pigment colours and carry out a patch test to ensure you don’t have any adverse reaction to it.

Once we have agreed on some ideas, we will take some facial measurements and set about creating your brow design with a pencil. This means that we can adjust and amend until we’re both 100% happy with the look. Please do ask as many questions as you’d like. It’s important for us that you are completely happy and satisfied with the treatment.

That sounds perfect, what happens next?

An appointment will be made for your procedure. On the day, we will run through your individual design again to ensure you are entirely happy. Once the brow area has been thoroughly cleansed and prepared, we use a fine tool to make a tiny hair-width incision strokes into the top layer of skin. This is then filled with your chosen pigment to give the appearance of a natural hair. These tiny strokes are made in the direction of the natural hair growth pattern and will build to create perfect natural looking brows. The procedure lasts about an hour, or thereabout.

Does it hurt?

Each stroke incision isn’t very deep, so while you will feel the microblading tool touching your skin, it will feel no more than a scratch.

Will I see instant results?

Yes! However, the pigment colour is obviously stronger when initially applied and will need to bed in, and there will be some redness but it will go down pretty quickly. The pigment will settle into its final colour after around 4-5 days after the treatment.

A second appointment will be required two to three months later. As everyone has different healing times, it will be apparent by this time whether any further infills are required (in case any other the strokes didn’t take as well as others) and it will give you time to see how you feel about your new brows. At this second appointment, you can add density and shape, should you require.