Empties! The Revitalash Review

I only ever like to review a product if I have used it myself, I don't feel I can do a product justice unless I know everything about it for you.

I have been using Revitalash for almost 2 years now, I started using it as a way to thicken my lashes ready for some individual lashes to be added for my wedding. After about 6 weeks of use my lashes were so lovely and thick when I then had falsies put on they never got ruined.

I also deal with a lot of ladies who have unfortunatley gone through cancer treatment and I always recommend Revitalash, the founder of Revitalash had this product made due to his wife having cancer and he wanted to find a way for her to grow her lashes back after chemotherapy. I love the back story of this brand, which is why I then decided to sell these lovely products in clinic and on my shop.

Just one application per day is all you need before then applying mascara or can be applied to fresh clean lashes without any makeup. Non drip and unscented. Once you have got your lashes to their desired length and thickness it then is used as a maintenance treatment and only needs to be applied 2-3 times a week to maintain the look of your lashes.

Revitalash available online to purchase