7 Myths and Facts about Semi Permanent Makeup

I will need to shave my eyebrows off

for Semi Permanent Makeup

This is a complete Myth! Aside from plucking to achieve the perfect shape initially, I will not be removing any more of your brow. And, I would never shave your eyebrows! Never ever take a razor to your brows, it’s a tricky tool to control with precision and it’s not good to apply a razor to this part of your face.

Semi Permanent Makeup is just for Women

Not true at all. Men have become increasingly more conscious about the state of their brows. If they have gaps in their thickness, then they may want these filled in. Or if they have undergone Chemo Therapy.

Semi Permanent Makeup is Cosmetic Surgery

Absolutely not! Not that there is anything wrong with Cosmetic Surgery, but this is a common misconception. The key here is the word ‘Semi.’ Often Cosmetic Surgery offers a permanent alteration to your face or body, with my treatments the results will last you years but top ups will be required. My customers are clients not patients, whilst I am fully qualified and trained to the highest level; I am not a Doctor in anyway. You will not have to take time off work and it won’t cost you the earth.

Semi Permanent Makeup looks fake and unnatural

Unlike Cosmetic Surgery, which alters what is naturally there, with semi permanent makeup I enhance what is there, or what used to be there. I can fill a thin brow, thicken the shape, bolden the colour, but I’m working with what is already there, or what used to be there. The hairstroke techniques used with both the Microblading blade and the Semi Permanent machine imitate natural hair strokes, blending in with other hairs that are already there. With Semi Permanent makeup such as Lip Blush or Eyeliner, yes these are not natural enhancements, but it’s makeup, as you would apply it daily. We are fixing makeup that is part of your daily routine- and it’s very subtle.

Semi Permanent Makeup is just like getting a tattoo

This myth is born from confusion about the treatment. There is a machine that contains a needle that implants the pigment into the skin, similar to that of a tattooist, but they are worlds apart. My whole apparatus is very different. My machine works at a different speed, my needle is much smaller, more delicate and the way in which it distributes colour is also very different. This gives me the opportunity to work on fine detail in small, sensitive areas. You would never be able to take a tattoo gun to the eye region in the same way.

Semi Permanent Makeup is just for Young People

This is such a silly myth! In fact, I would say that a majority of my clients are in fact older women. There are such treatments, such as Microblading that should not be done on thinner skin, but we would use the machine instead for Treatments on these older clients. Whatever your age (18+), whatever your requirements, I can help find the right solution for you.

Semi Permanent Makeup is painful

Firstly, any quality Technician will use numbing gel to soothe the area. This is to avoid any discomfort that you might feel. The procedure should not be painful. It is uncomfortable to begin with as the sensation is new, but apart from that you shouldn’t feel pain. We understand that the procedure can cause some anxiety, so the numbing gel is applied just to eliminate any small amounts of discomfort that you might feel. If it was a seriously painful procedure proper local anaesthetic would be administered and it would be undertaken by a medical professional, but this is not the case as the treatment should not be painful.