What happens when Semi Permanent makeup goes wrong?

The word ‘permanent,’ in Semi Permanent makeup is no joke! That is why it’s really important to think carefully about your procedure before deciding to proceed and to ensure that you are having your treatment conducted by a qualified and skilled professional.

Would you trust an unqualified dentist to pull out a tooth?! Precisely, so why would you consider anything less here. Finding a qualified and skilled therapist is the most important thing, it’s your face after all and you want to know that it’s in the best hands possible. It also greatly reduces the risk that something will go wrong.

But, if in the unlikely event that you experience some issues, any qualified specialist will be able to ease your fears and have you feeling beautiful and happy in no time.

What if the Procedure looks different to how you expected?

It’s really important that you do not judge your treatment as soon as you leave the treatment room. These procedures take time to heal and settle- you have physically altered your features, the skin has experienced ‘trauma,’ as such and therefore, there will be inevitable swelling, redness and soreness. But this is perfectly normal and absolutely nothing to worry about. Colour pigment is also intense upon application and will fade up to 50% upon healing, so do not draw a conclusion about the colour until the area has healed.

Your qualified therapist should talk you through the aftercare, with great detail, outlining what you should expect to see and how long it will take to heal.

It will most likely be a couple of weeks before everything subsides, so don’t panic, stay calm and be patient to see the results.

If however, after a week or so, if you’re really not seeing what you had hoped, contact your therapist and chat through your concerns. Don’t be afraid to do this, that is what they are there for and they want you to be happy. I know I do! I’m happy for my clients to contact me at any time to chat through any concerns they may have.

I think it brings my clients great comfort to know that they can reach me at any time. Any reputable therapist should offer the same service.

One thing to bear in mind about the colour….

…The colour will fade as it heals, this is right on track, that is why most treatments are in two parts. If your treatment is in two parts, wait for the pigment top up appointment, or your second session, before drawing a conclusion on whether the colour is perfect. Deeper richer shades can be achieved after the second session.

But what about if the shape is wrong?

If the shape is not correct, then get in touch with your therapist, she will be happy to add to this when you next return for your top up appointment.

Any reputable therapist will build on the shape. They will alter shape in stages, so that you can get used to it and then if you are happy with where the shape is going, they will build on this in further appointments.

It’s far better to build, than to go for a completely new shape only to hate the results. Taking it slow will ensure happy, perfect results!

For Semi Permanent brows, your therapist will have pencilled in your shape prior to applying any Semi Permanent makeup, so you would have had the chance to see what the results will look like- always ask for this, just so that you can see what the results may be like. Let them show you what it will be like- being prepared for the results is key! It eliminates shock and any potential disappointment.

If however, you are very unhappy, then let your therapist know right away. If you were not happy with the therapist that conducted the treatment, then seek out a recommendation and opt for a more qualified specialist. There may be the option to lighten the procedure, using something such as ‘Colour Lift,’ for example, or they may be able to help you achieve a more desired shape and look.

If you find good hands to be in, rest assured you’ll be in safe hands.

This isn’t a blow dry, getting a great deal on one of those Voucher sites is not a great bargain, it’s a great risk. Putting your face in the hands of someone who is not highly skilled can actually end up costing you more in the long run. It’s better to find someone who has a great reputation and stacks of positive feedback than cutting corners because you bagged a great bargain. These treatments are worth saving for and finding the best person to do the job.

What if I react badly to the procedure or get an infection?

This very much goes hand in hand with the points raised above. Any reputable therapist will conduct her work in a sterile, professional environment. The risk of getting an infection from a reputable establishment are slim to none. The treatment room should be clean, the bed should have fresh paper laid on it just for you and all equipment and materials should be wrapped and opened just for you. Your therapist should wear gloves and a mask at all times. If at any point you suspect that any of this is not in place, don’t be afraid to say something or even walk away.

This is why research or a consultation meeting is key. Before parting with your hard earned cash or handing your face over to someone, visit your therapist, have a consultation meeting and get a look and feel for where your treatment will take place.

Any therapist worth their salt will not object to you paying them a visit or asking for a reference. They’d actually be proud to welcome you or to pass you on to a happy customer.

So, my key tip in all this, do your research! Into what you want and into who is best to do it. There’s a saying that goes ‘Failure to prepare, is preparing to fail,’ – whilst a little corporate (!) I really think that this applies here. Do your homework, make sure you understand what you are asking for. And, above all make sure you find the best person to do it for you.