Skin Needling

The latest technology to transform skin from dull and tired to bright and rejuvenated. Have Smoother skin with reduced superficial fine lines and wrinkles. A boost of vitamins delivered to the skin for a pain free results driven facial experience.
This treatment corrects underlying skin issues such as poor circulation, inflammation, acne scaring & pigmentation just to name a few.
Instantly reviving and improving dull & tired skin, improve sluggish blood circulation, which will then aid in flushing out ageing toxins.
This treatment can enhance effects of other aesthetics treatments such as Botox and/or dermal fillers.
Skin needling can be carried out on the entire face, neck & décolleté. Your skin will improve in structure, have finer pores, increase firmness, boost elasticity giving you a more youthful appearance.
Immediately after your treatment you will see some slight redness, but you can resume normal activities straight after and apply make up the following day without any restrictions.
You can choose to either have one session for an event for instant rejuvenation, but a course of treatments is highly recommended for longer lasting results.