Profhilo is a groundbreaking hyaluronic acid moisturising treatment. Proven to prevent the signs of ageing & help with the anti-ageing process itself. This treatment should not be confused with dermal fillers.


This injectable treatment slow releases hyaluronic acid. A one of it’s kind skin remodelling system. Not only does it Instantly boost skin’s hydration, texture and radiance, but it also remodels ageing & sagging tissue. Stimulating collagen & elastin, attracting water to the deeper layers of the skin.


Having Profhilo awakens and stimulates your skin’s regeneration process, collagen & elastin


Profhilo consists of 2 treatments 28-30 days apart, some changes are noticed after the first treatment, best results can be seen after your second treatment. Expect maintenance to be every 6-9 months


A consultation is carried out prior to treatment, procedure time is around 30 mins and activities can resume straight after, but you will be advised to refrain from swimming for 48 hours and extreme temperatures for 7 days. Avoid massaging the treated area for 48 hours and full aftercare will be provided during your appointment.


Other areas that can be treated as well as the face is neck & hands


Course of 2 Profhilo treatments - £450