NuSkin® Tru Face Line Corrector

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As we age, our lines get more noticeable. Tru Face Line Corrector targets these fine lines and wrinkles helping to soften their appearance.



Targets visible signs of skin ageing

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth, crows feet and forehead

25% of customers have noticed a visible reduction in lines around their mouth

27% of customers noticed an improvement around their eye area

90% of customers have reported younger looking skin

Appearance of fine lines and wrinkles have improved twice as fast when used with the Galvanic Spa



Following on from your Lumispa, cleanser & toner application. Apply the Tru Face Line Corrector to your targeted areas both AM & PM

For optimum results use with the Galvanic Spa 

Attach the focus area conductor of the Galvanic Spa, make sure you leave a thin layer of product on your skin still visible

Select button 3 on the Galvanic Spa the application will take 5 minutes, spending no more than 2 mins on each targeted area

Glide the conductor over your skin making sure your hand is thoroughly wet with water or the hydrating moisture mist

When application is finished the Galvanic will emit a long beep and turn off automatically, rub any remaining product off your skin gently with a damp towel