Nuskin ageLOC Lumispa Beauty Device Face Cleansing Kit

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The Lumispa is a beauty tool that will revolutionise the way you cleanse your skin. Trust me when I say that once you use it you won’t be able to cleanse without it! It gives you a thorough cleanse whilst still being gentle on your skin. Its silicone head gently exfoliates and tones your skin so when you have stepped out of the shower your skin has already had a workout!

Fully waterproof, rechargeable with 6 years warranty. This cleansing package includes: x1 Lumispa Device, x1 silicone head – normal, x1 Lumispa Activating Cleanser, Charging Dock & Cable



37% of customers have reported smoother & softer skin after just one use

62% more radiance after 12 weeks

100% cleaner skin after 12 weeks

7 main skin benefits include: clarity, smoothness, reduced appearance of pores, freshness, radiance, thoroughly cleansed skin & softness



Moisten your face with the hydrating moisture mist and then apply a coin sized amount of cleanser to a damp lumispa silicone head

Turn on the device and glide it over your skin, no need to scrub or press hard. The device will pause if used incorrectly. When it pauses every 30 seconds that is your instruction to move onto a different area. The device will switch off after 2 minutes.

Rinse face with warm water, gently pat dry. The continue with your skincare routine. Use your Lumispa twice a day AM & PM.